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Art is joyful. It’s full of joyful colorsfascinating mistakes, and your own interpretations of everyday events and objects. By looking at it, you can instantly change your mood. 

We Kids aren't too concerned with logic while making art. We can draw anything and still have an explanation…doesn’t have to be logic. As we definitely look at the world differently. Art inspires confidence within usNever mind if the drawing is outside the line or if you have missed a musical beat and took a breather while singing in our eyes our creation or projects aremasterpieces. adapting this attitude will evoke the creativity within you don’t try to be a perfectionist it will hinder your creativity the next time you start on a project Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to take risks that result in a much more imaginative outcome than if you played it safe as per the rules set by anyone else other than you. Immersing in art and music and other many skills provides undeniable benefits that can help you throughout your life


Immersing yourself in music can help boost your brain power. Music stimulates the parts of the brain associated with academic achievement and emotional development. Instead of viewing art of any form as an extracurricular activity, consider it as a part of your personal growth.

There is art in everything you do. Just believe in yourself and face the world, don’t allow anyone to tell you otherwise and unleash your creative side and surprise yourself.


You can develop innovative skills when you encourage yourself to express your thoughts, feelings and take risks in creating paintings or playing music, dancing or sculpting or any other artistic skills you want to explore.

Art of any form strengthens critical thinking skills.


Creativity is more than a product — it's a process. An interesting painting, a thought-provoking writing, song sung in the tune made by you, or a unique response, may be examples of creative work, but the decisions we make as we paint, sculpt, write and think are at the core of the creative process. 


The objective of this blog is to broaden understanding about the creative process so that our work can look different and not as kids work because creative thoughts often go against the set rules of people. Become the child who makes a difference in our world.

An environment that provides both novelty and variety will greatly aid creativity.

Don’t let your creative side be effected by the outside influences that make you feel pressured or insecure.


Most artists indicate that when they are working for the enjoyment of the process, they are far more effective and productive than when they are working for money.


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