About Me and my Purpose!

Thea’s  blog   Evoke creativity   Art  is joyful. It’s full of  joyful  colors ,  fascinating  mistakes, and your own interpretations of everyday events and o bjects. By looking at it, you can instantly change your  mood.  We  Kids aren't too concerned with  logic while making art. We can  draw anything and still have an explanation…doesn’t have to be logic.  As we definitely look at the world differently . A rt inspires confidence within  us ,  Never mind if  the drawing is outside the line or if you have missed a musical beat and took a breather while singing in our eyes our creation or  projects are masterpieces.  adapting this attitude  will evoke the creativity within you don’t try to be a perfectionist it will hinder your creativity  the next time you s tart on a project  Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to take risks that result in a much more imaginative outcome than i f yo u  played it safe as per the rules set by anyone else other than you.   Immersing in   art and music  an